Episode 010: Jessica

This week we talk with Jessica, an account executive at the University of Utah. Learn about how she worked her way up the ladder in her chosen field of marketing and her thoughts on social media and where it’s going. Listen as we discuss:

  • The struggle to be taken seriously at work when you've been at a company a long time and your colleagues might still see you as inexperienced
  • How she decided it was time for a new challenge and ended up at the University of Utah
  • Why she loves living in Salt Lake City
  • Her passion for empowering women through self defense classes, specifically RAD (Rape Aggression Defense)

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RAD (Rape Aggression Defense)

Music Credits:
Theme song - Jazz from the Kitchen by Nikitaka

RECIPE: Salt Lake City Sushi Roll
Servings: 1-2

Escolar (also known as butterfish)
Sriracha Mayo
Sushi Rice
Rice Vinegar

Cook rice using your favorite method. Let cool and add rice vinegar (about 1 tbsp per cup of uncooked rice). Add rice to seaweed and spread out evenly. Slice the escolar, carrot and avocado and place onto the rice. Roll, slice, add sriracha mayo and enjoy!