Episode 020: Mona Leena

This week we chat with Mona Leena an Executive Chef/Owner of pop-up restaurant Fallaha Dining. Tune in to learn more about: 

  • Why it’s important to have faith in yourself when taking the leap to start your own business
  • The complicated relationship between Instagram and food
  • Why it’s important to not rely on others when starting a career in food service
  • How having full control of the dining experience can be both artistically freeing but a lot of work

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Fallaha Dining

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Theme song - Jazz from the Kitchen by Nikitaka

RECIPE: Chef Mona Leena’s Traditional Palestinian Hummus


2 cans garbanzos
1 clove garlic
1/2 seeded jalapeno
1.5 c tahini
Salt and lemon juice to taste
Water to thin out  

Cook garbanzos in water and liquid until they are so soft they are falling apart. Drain them of their liquid and let them cool slightly.  

In the meantime, start with garlic and jalapeno in a food processor, keep processing it until minced. Add garbanzo beans to the food processor and process dry. When the garbanzos starting feeling thick and pasty, add your tahini, salt and lemon juice. (Tip: you will need more salt and lemon than you think you need).

Once you have achieved the flavor you want, add water to thin it out to your desired texture.

Remember: if the beans are still warm the hummus will get thicker when it cools, so make it a little thinner than you like.  

To serve: swirl onto a round plate and coat generously with really good olive oil, sumac, paprika, or pine nuts. ENJOY!