Episode 021: Riikka

Tune in to Episode 021 with Riikka Pennanen, a Film Festival Publicist and Freelance Journalist & Researcher in Finland! Learn all about how she turned her passion for film into a career and why fat positivity is a very important part of her activism. Listen to learn more about: 

  • How her family influenced her love of film at a young age

  • How she landed her first job in the industry and her current role at the Helsinki International Film Festival

  • Her 10 year stint being the “webmistress” for Rose McGowan's approved fan website

  • Her thoughts on fat positivity and how body positivity has been watered down for corporate gain

Follow up links:

Helsinki International Film Festival

21st Century Flapper (Riikka’s Website)


Music Credits:
Theme song - Jazz from the Kitchen by Nikitaka

RECIPE: Tatiana’s Incredibly Unique Avocado Toast


2 slices of bread
1 small avocado
1 small handful of grape tomatoes
Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel seasoning
Vegan or Regular butter

Toast your bread using your favorite method. Spread a pat of butter onto each slice. Open the avocado and with a fork, mash the avocado in its shell. Scoop onto each bread slice. Cut the grape tomatoes in half and place into the avocado mash. Add a healthy amount of Everything But the Bagel seasoning on top. Enjoy!